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Go as a River


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'Shelley Read's lyrical voice is a force of nature, and when she lends it to a woman leading a hardscrabble life in rural Colorado, the result is tragic, uplifting - and completely unforgettable' BONNIE GARMUS, author of LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY

'What a lush, beautiful, strong book. It took me on such an emotional journey, I absolutely loved it' CLOVER STROUD

What I've learnt about becoming is that it takes a long time

Nestled in the foothills of the Elk Mountains and surrounded by sprawling forests, wandering bears and porcupine, the Gunnison River rushes by the tiny town of Iola.

For seventeen-year-old Victoria Nash, the day promises to be as ordinary as the porridge and fried eggs she serves the men for breakfast.

But just as a single rainstorm can erode the banks and change the course of a river, so can a chance encounter in a young woman's life upturn her world and erase everything she was before.

The mysterious drifter who crosses Victoria's path that afternoon will put into motion an unstoppable chain of events. Soon, she will be forced to run for the forest, leaving her life - and her most precious possession - behind.

In this soaring, compassionate novel, a breathtaking picture of our natural world - its trees and mountains and light - emerges. But it is the tale of female reslience and becoming that gives GO AS A RIVER its strength, its soul, and its possibility.

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