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The Muslim Brothelhood in the Bastille


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In this fourth volume, Bassam Bourasin continues his hurly-burly speculation on the conspiracy of the cooks, members of the Global corporation of the Muslim Brothelhood. He fights on all fronts: Rats, angels, aliens, and the Multinational Muslim BrotheLhood Corporation, hijacking women and forcing them to work for the company.

However, when he asks Mr Aroussi, his jailed bank Boss, to hire Frankenstein after release as a vigil, he discovers that the latter is a bank robber. Although on Mr Aroussi's recommendation, he gets advised by a lawyer, he does not trust him. Will he plead guilty or not guilty? He hesitates, then decides to be not guilty. But, on second thought, he becomes unsure of his innocence: The police of Our Beloved General President (BGP) cannot jail innocent people. That's why it is urgent to continue writing down a top-secret report for the highest spheres to prove his loyalty to the Couvolution government.
As his fiancee, Dalila, refuses his suggestion to postpone their marriage for over twenty years, he plunges into spleen and depression after her visit.
One day, the Afghan and his Muslim brothelhood propose he join them. He refuses. Then, he detected signs indicating that the cooks' conspiracy was coming to a climax. He prepares himself for the worse, foresees his death, hears the voices of Munker and Nakeer, the prosecuting angels of the grave... and, out of the blue, explodes the thunder...which he takes for God speaking to him.
Thereupon, he will realise that the blast wasn't God's voice. Instead, the detonation announced the beginning of the rebellion in the Bastille.

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