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In Book 7, Bassam Bourasin, beleaguered after the genocide in 'Ouja and the assassination of his mother and fiancee Dalila, strikes a deal with Hassan, the new National Security Director of the Islamic State:
– Sir, I am happy to know about it. But, sir, as a high representative of the authorities, do you guarantee my safety after I promised to give back $13.500 million, earned honestly while serving the country, to benefit the Islamic state?
– I can do more, Bassam. I'll make you a PCM. As soon as you sign the official documents acknowledging your generous donation, I will issue a certificate proving that the government of The Emir of All Muslims, Sheikh Abdelghani Abdelghafar, acknowledges you as a good Muslim under the Shari'a law, which allows you to do any business you choose, marry four women or more, possess as many slaves as you wish, females and males, and travel across the country and abroad without being troubled at the checkpoints and the borders. As such, you acquire a new status. We call it in the Islamic State: PCM.
– Sir, what's the PCM?
– The pagan VIP has the pretence of being a Very Important Personality, right? The Islamic State does not recognise such arrogant nonsense. No individual could match or outpace the PCMs selected among the hyper-selected. The only VIP we acknowledge in this country today is the Paradise Club Member (PCM).


Heart-wrenching Storyline:
In Book 7, Bassam Bourasin's life is turned upside down when he experiences the genocide in 'Ouja and the assassination of his mother and fiancee Dalila. Despite this immense tragedy, Bassam manages to find strength within himself to strike a deal with the new National Security Director of the Islamic state. This powerful story will leave readers captivated.

Unique Plot Twists:
As readers move through Book 7, they'll be surprised at every turn by unexpected plot twists that keep them hanging onto every word. With each page turning, suspense builds as Bassam navigates his way through the challenges of this difficult time in history.

Authentic Characters:
Developed over several books in this series, the characters in Book 7 come alive with their unique personalities and perspectives. Readers will find themselves empathising with Bassam's plight and cheering him on as he works to create a better future for himself amidst so much strife and uncertainty.

Deep Exploration of Real Issues:
Book 7 delves deep into serious subjects such as genocide and religious persecution, examining them from multiple angles. By exploring these themes from a variety of perspectives, readers are invited to consider their own views on these issues and how they affect our world today.

Engaging Writing Style:
This book's masterful writing style provides an immersive experience for readers. From vivid descriptions to thoughtful character development, readers will be captivated by the engaging narrative that carries them through this gripping story.

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