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Engaged Learning in Europe


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Globally, there are growing calls for Higher Education Institutions to become more civically engaged and socially relevant while increasing public interest in the impact of universities on their localities and regions. Engaged Learning facilitates students to apply theory to real-world contexts outside of the University and to co-produce knowledge with and for the community. Engaged Learning provides students with the skills which increase their employability, and improve their personal and professional development, while communities gain access to skills to help develop, evaluate, or communicate their work with regard to actual societal challenges. To enhance the knowledge and understanding of what constitutes a successful and sustainable Engaged Learning programme an in-depth view is provided into practices from six institutional contexts from six countries throughout Europe. Highlighted is the diversity and flexibility to be found within Engaged Learning initiatives. However, the one constant is each initiative’s commitment to a concept where reciprocity between the students, universities, and communities, is prioritised. While the examples themselves differ in their structure and intended outcomes, this diversity is a benefit of Engaged Learning and further cements the varied nature across the disciplines and Europe. Dr. Courtney Marsh is a senior researcher at Ghent University and a member of the IDC Crime, Criminology & Criminal Policy. Dr. Lindsey Anderson is the Impact and Partnership Development Manager – Communities, Innovation Impact and Business at University of Exeter. Dr. Noël Klima is the coordinator of Ghent University’s interdisciplinary consortium with a focus on societal impact IDC Crime, Criminology & Criminal Policy.
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